While this website is about having a passive source of income thru online ventures, it should be made clear up front that we’re told to not put our hopes in wealth and riches.

My name is Md. Shofiqur Rahman, currently have a full time job as an Telecommunication Engineer here in the Bangladesh. I started looking for another source of income on the internet last April 2015. I never thought that these online ventures, will give me fortune and blessings. So  I created this website to share these great online opportunities to everyone who are seeking an addition to their income using the Internet.

My idea is to recognize and share which program would make the most profit (and definitely would last longer).  So I keep researching, and keep learning until I gain more experience in this arena. I am now earning 4 figures monthly and growing to nearly 5 figures doing less. (Modesty aside ^_^) Yep! Not bad as an additional income with my current job because of these great opportunities.

These are real business on the internet and it requires money, so you could earn more money. This is not a get rich quick program scheme.

With these Online Ventures, i follow and apply 3 rules below:

  1. Only Spend money that you can afford to loose. – I suggest you use only your spare money. You could loose your money if any business collapse or run away.Always remember that risk is inevitable, but the profit you will earn correspond on how much risk and action you will take. This applies to any business.
  2.  Get your seed / capital money back as soon as possible – in this way you are able to mitigate the risk you’ve made and gives you peace of mind that you have your money back.
  3. Diversify / Roll your profits – Do not rely on a single source of income, use your profit to create another source of income. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Ecclesiastes 11:2 Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

If you believe that you have the right mindset, willing to spend your spare money, willing to take the risk and have asked God for his guidance so you could earn money from the comfort of your home, then today is the right time to start learning about these online ventures:

MyPayingAds – Revenue sharing advertising company.

FutureAdPro– Social Media, Revenue sharing advertising company & many more.

PaidVerts– Advertising platform & Many more.

Leadsleap– Free Traffic for web business & earning opportunities.

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